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Creator God, you made a world with no sickness, pain or death but, because of sin, we now live in a world where we experience those things. We cannot control the things that happen to us, we need to cling onto you. Thank you that you care about the people that I love. You love them more than I do. Help them to look to you in their time of need. May we all find peace in the hope that you will return one day to rule over a new creation with no more sadness, pain or tears. Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

Rick Ditrio
NYS Treasurer-designee / Westchester-Putnam Chairman of the Board of District Deputies
Richard Ditrio, Sr.
Father of CoBDD Rick Ditrio
John McGivney
District Deputy NY54, PGK Co 4065
Vincent Gentile
District Deputy #37
Rev. Msgr. Joseph A. Martin
SK/Honorary Faithful Friar, St. John Paul II Assembly #2917
John Sweeney
District Deputy NY43
Keith Kemp
District Deputy #97
Yvonne Smith
Wife of PCP, FM, Frm Conf Chair Chester Smith
John McGivney
DD54, Council 4065, PGK, PFN
John McDonald
GK Richmond Council 351
Kevin Duignan
Member Council 4065
Thomas Boslet
Former New York State Secretary
Edward Broderick
Member Council 4065
Patrick Lambert
Joe Lupo
George Morton
Member Council 4065
Anthony Sicurella
Member Council 4065
Jim Thorne
Member Council 4065
Dominic Procopio
Peggy Dwyer
Former First Lady of the New York State Council
Rose C Federici
Past State President, New York State Council Columbiettes
Vicki Lupo
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